50 Bricks for
Tracy's 50th Birthday !
Help build a house in Uganda

Hi Friends:

On October 27, I will turn 50.  To celebrate, I want to raise money for African Hospitality Institute in Uganda:  www.ahi-ug.org .  This is the amazing school that I have been going to every year since 2012.  I can’t begin to express how important this school is to a growing community in Central Uganda.  We are located in the bush and surrounded by poverty that is incomprehensible to most Americans.  I am talking material poverty.  Basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health care frequently go unmet because they lack the resources to pay for them. 

They do have very generous spirits and have welcomed Willa and I into their lives, families and community.  AHI is changing lives in this community as we do have some students and staff that come straight from the local villages.  And AHI is impacting the villages through the Western teams that come and provide assistance to the local schools, local medical personal, and nearby orphanges.  I get to watch lives change and transform because of the work AHI is doing. 

AHI has been searching for someone to take over and/or come along aside the founder, Maggie Josiah.  We currently have a few people who have expressed interest to coming over for 2-4 years to invest in this mission.  So, we are currently raising funds to build two additional mission houses to house long term Westerns who come to support the students and staff. 

African Hospitality Institute is a vocation training school that teaches hospitality skills to at risk youth. This two year school provides the students with vocational and life skills in a supportive and safe environment.  While this is a Christian based school we have students and staff from different religious faiths and we believe and practice that all are welcome at “God’s Table”. 
A.H.I. will be “selling” bricks to help support the building of these houses.  We will be selling bricks at $100.00 each.  If you want to buy ½ a brick or ¼ of a brick, fabulous.  Every dollar helps.  My goal is 50 bricks – and I would love to exceed that – Can you help? 

  1. Reading with AHI Student - 2014
    Reading with AHI Student - 2014
  2. Willa and the Village Children - 2017
    Willa and the Village Children - 2017
  3. Willa & Emily Meeting New Friends - 2015
    Willa & Emily Meeting New Friends - 2015