Our Founder
Maggie Josiah
Maggie Josiah’s first trip to Uganda in 2002 at 50 years old began as a wild journey seeking purpose and meaning in her life. If Jesus is who he says his is, then her life needed to be radically different. 
Maggie’s childhood was riddled with sexual abuse and being used in pornography. After years of hard work and intensive healing, she wanted to ‘be more’ and never allow fear to control her again. Having worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 25 years, Maggie found an isolated rural community located on a dairy ranch that also served as a destination for short term mission teams and humanitarian volunteers to share their lives and skills with the surrounding village communities. She moved to Ekitangaala Ranch in Central Uganda in 2006 to begin construction of a 10 room guesthouse and develop a vocational training program to help unemployed youth secure jobs in the tourist industry, one of the largest and fastest growing industries in Uganda. African Hospitality Institute is discipleship disguised as vocational training where deep heart change can transform the lives of its students and volunteer guests. 
In Africa, Maggie’s childhood story is just another story; full of the horrors of what people do to one another. Yet, her past experiences have given her solidarity with village communities and those she works with. She knows what it means to be afraid, to be a victim, to be unloved and doubt God’s goodness. These same experiences healed within a loving community and an intentional commitment to change moved her beyond being a victim and given her a freedom to live with and share her life with others living in extreme poverty, abuse and hopelessness. Her life is a testimony of God’s redeeming love and faithfulness - and it is radically different! Her prayer is to remain in Uganda, belonging, living, loving and being loved in a messy community of broken people God is working in and through to help one another. 
For Speaking Engagements when Maggie visits the United States contact:  [email protected] 
Maggie's Story