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AHI is a ‘Friend Supported’ ministry. Without you, AHI would not be here. Please consider us in your year-end giving. Thank you for your support!

AHI changes people’s lives. It is for people who have lost hope. When we share stories, we know our story is not alone, and we are not alone.” Christine, AHI Student 2013
General Donations

Help fund the day to day operational costs; such as staff meals, utilities, staff labor and medical. All volunteers in USA donate their time for as a free service.
Student/Staff Sponsorship – $100 per month for single sponsor / $50 per month for co-sponsor - 2 year commitment requested 

Sponsorship of students and staff can change a life forever. Each year AHI accepts 8-10 new students into the training program who require sponsorship that provides them with all school supplies, a Bible, clothing, shoes, medical costs, 2 meals a day, a functioning library, computers for additional training, and the opportunity to change their own lives as well as the lives of their families, communities and country. Your sponsorship makes lasting differences in the lives of Ugandan young people. We encourage long term relationships with staff and students and the ability to communicate with one another. For the staff and students alike there is a sense of security and gratitude to know someone cares so much that they are willing to invest in their future.
Staff & Student Uniforms - $2500 per year

The AHI Sponsorship Program of $50 per month helps to offset the costs of uniforms required. However, due to the harsh laundry conditions of living out in the bush, uniforms deteriorate quickly. Currently, the skirts and trousers are sewn by a local tailor. The T-shirts have the AHI logo and the staff picked the style of shirts for their comfort and style. Shoes and sandals must also be purchased and rarely last a year. AHI also provides rain coats, work boots, and warm jackets. Students come to AHI with nothing. They have lived in small villages in small mud huts. It is not unusual for 10 people to share a hut, sleeping on the dirt. Few have extra clothing or shoes. Providing a “smart” professional uniform allows them to walk with pride rather than embarrassment. These items help reduce medical costs by keeping them warm and dry.
After School Work program – $4000 per year

This is a radical concept for vocational training in Africa. Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm students are training. In the evenings and on Saturdays and school holidays, AHI pays its’ students as part time casual workers. Ahi does not provide dormitories. We believe all students are capable young adults that are learning skills that will provide hem with opportunities to break from generational poverty. One of those skills is learning to handle cash – pay their own rent, buy their own food, budget their own money and learning to save. They also acquire a job history as a part-time employee of AHI. This program has kept our young women from selling themselves for cash. It creates confidence, diminishes the fear of living on their own, and restores dignity.
Field Trips – $1000 per year

One trip to a 5 star hotel for lunch and tours including transportation. Most of our students come from primitive rural backgrounds. They have no concept of a Western 5 Star hotel or safari lodge. Field trips are essential in helping them see, in action, all they are being trained on at AHI. Each year we attempt to provide our students and staff (approx. 20 people) with a 2 day field trip to a Kampala Hotel or an overnight at the Ziwa Rhino Reserve where they get to work with their staff and experience being a guest.
Safari Lodge Internship / Work Experience – $1500 per year

Our students get hands on experience by spending most of their second year interning at 2-3 lodges in Uganda.  We currently partner with 10 different lodges/hotels where students work in a variety of areas.  The students make valuable contacts while interning and are often hired by one of the businesses where the intern.  This experience prepares our students to work in the real world!

Practical Food Demonstrations – $1500 per year

AHI trains unemployed youth in Uganda to join the workforce within the Tourism and Hospitality Industries. AHI specializes in caring for the Westerner, which means all of the recipes and ingredients for meals are foreign. This can be best taught with a demo, then hands on application and finishing with a tasting of food prepared. Investing into this program increases the changes of graduates securing employment in an establishment that caters to tourists where they will earn more money.
One-Time Facility Improvement Investments
AHI needs to update their computers. In 2009, Nintendo gifted AHI with several used Dell laptops. Needless to say they are breaking down and have software that is out of date. We could use newer computers with at least Windows 7 and Microsoft Office installed. If you can just clean up your laptop, we have the software to install. Teams can bring them over in their suitcases so there is no delivery charges either. Please contact Maggie if you are interested in donating.
To protect the AHI Facilities and keep out cows that damage the landscape

Visiting Team Fees

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How to Donate to AHI
AHI is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization and all donations are tax deductible.
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Donations of Stock
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