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Christine's Story
Christine's parents were together when she was little but her dad was an alcoholic.  Her parents are separated now, but he does come to spend time with the children at home.  There are 8 children in the family, 3 girls and 5 boys.  Christine is the 3rd oldest in the family.  Christine’s mother and aunt paid for her older siblings to go to school.  Her father tried to help Christine, but he thought that spending money on school fees for girls was a waste because girls would either get married or pregnant and wouldn't finish school.  Her mom and aunt encouraged her to finish school and paid her fees.  Christine finished S4 (high school).   
Christine’s uncle Peter is Maggie’s driver.  He helped Christine and her brother pay for school.  Christine is paying for her youngest siblings schooling.  Peter told Christine about AHI, but she did not want to go to school here because she was from a different district that spoke a different language and wasn’t in the African bush.  The only way to communicate with the staff and students was in English.  Christine was angry for a long time because she did not want to be at AHI. 
Christine was encouraged by Maggie, the trainers, and visitors and her attitude changed.  She graduated in 2011 and was offered a job a Kyaniga Lodge  as a housekeeper.  She worked there for 3 months but it was not a good working environment.  She moved in with her uncle Peter and Maggie called her to come and work at AHI as an intern.  She worked as an intern for one year then she was hired as the guesthouse manager. 
Christine enjoys learning about life and learning from the mistakes she’s seen in her family and in her life.  She wants to improve her life and help her parents and siblings.  Her dream is to build a house for her family.  Once she feels like her family is in a better place, she might be interested in getting married and having a family of her own. 
Christine was raised by a Muslim mother and Catholic father.  She was baptized in the Anglican church.  Fellowship at AHI was different than what she had experienced growing up and she was able to participate in worship instead of just watching at church.  She now believes in one God and that Jesus is savior. 
Christine is grateful to AHI for giving her the hope of supporting herself and her family instead of relying on her parents. 
David's Story
David's parents were married but were not together.  David grew up with his mother and saw his father very little.  There were 7 children in his family.    His father has over 20 children. 
David’s mother paid his school fees in primary school.  David was a good football player and got scholarships for senior high (S1-S4).  David supported himself by working at a butcher shop and paid his own school fees to attend S5-S6 (Equivalent of Community College). 
After school, David got a job working at a petrol (gas) station.    He worked there for about 1 year, making very little money. David then began making women’s shoes out of his home, he did that for about 2-3 years.  People quit buying shoes and David quit making money.   
David’s father lived close to AHI and told him about AHI.  David was looking for another job and wasn’t really interested in AHI.  David’s mother encouraged him to apply because he had been trying to work for 3 years and was not successful.  David applied and was accepted and was very excited because he knew this was his only chance in life.  David graduated in 2011 and was offered a job a Kyaniga Lodge  as a chef.  He worked there for 3 months, and quit because it was not a good working environment.  David took several cooking jobs in small restaurants in Uganda and  Rwanda.  He kept applying for other positions and was hired by Hotel International as a cook and was promoted to soux chef.  He worked at another small restaurant after that, then he was hired as a chef by Caesar’s Palace in Kampala.  He worked there for 1 year before coming back to AHI as the chef in 2015.   
He is excited to be back at AHI to give back and provide similar opportunities to other students and give life back to AHI.  Someday when he leaves AHI, he’d like to own his own restaurant that serves western food.  He would also like to get married someday and have only the number of children that he can support and provide a good life. 
David was raised in a Christian home but he said his faith really grew at AHI because of the worship and fellowship at AHI.
Roseline's Story
Roseline’s parents separated when she was 10 years old.  Roseline has 2 brothers and 1 half-brother and 2 half-sisters.  When her parent’s separated, Roseline when to live with her aunt Margaret in Kampala.  Her aunt raised her with her 6 other children.  Roseline when to school until S1 (1st year of high school).  She had to quit school due to lack of school fees.  After she quit school, she helped her aunt with the younger children for 2 years. 
One of the AHI staff members told Rosaline about AHI.  She applied and was accepted to AHI in 2012.  Rosaline was an excellent student and earned the highest marks in her class.  She graduated in 2013 and was hired as the housekeeping manager at Kyaniga Lodge.  She was successful in this position and worked there until 2015 when Maggie reached out to her when there was an opening at AHI as the food service manager.  AHI is like home to Roseline and she was very excited to come back as a staff member. 
AHI gave Roseline hope that she could have a life and a future.  She wants to help provide that hope to others by training at AHI but also by giving back to her community.  Someday she would like to get married and be a good mother to her children. 
Roseline was raised Catholic.  Her faith changed at AHI because she really got to know God more through fellowship and worship 3 days per week.